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Summer Camp Full Details

Summer camp 2015 will be a themed camp at the beautiful Bethshan Christian Conference Centre, only 1 hours drive from Sydney. The camp will be run by coordinators from Mirabooka Study Centre and Nairana study Centre assisted by senior high school and university students. Participants on the camp will be divided into themed teams based around ‘the Avengers’ for competitions, sports and chores. Each team will be allocated a senior high school or university counsellor to manage team welfare and to support the individual members. Each day there will be a routine of meals, sports, fun activities, chill out time, as well as times for prayer, talks on christian virtues and opportunities to talk with a counsellor. Additionally, each year group will have designated activities specifically designed for that age group throughout the summer camp.

The routine of each day will generally include time for prayer and Mass, breakfast, mornDSCN4660ing activities followed by lunch, chill out time for talks, the Rosary and prayer, afternoon activities and dinner, all finished up by night activities. Although the main aim of the camp is to have fun, the development of the Spiritual life and Christian virtues is an essential part of the camp.

Camp members will arrive at Nairana Study Centre in Pennant Hills at 8am on the 15th of January for a welcome by the directors of Nairana study Centre, John Paul Hinanjosa followed by Mass. Once everyone and everything is packed, we will depart for Bethshan Conference Centre around 9:30am, arriving just after 10:30am. Once we have settled into our exclusive dormitory accommodation, the summer camp fun can begin!

The activities will include soccer, touch football, basketball, water balloon fights, swimming, capture the flag, cops and robbers, Road to Mordor, theatre sports, a trivia night and much much more! The activities will be competitive but in a ‘have a go’ spirit, with everyone encouraged to participate and try their best.

The camp will conclude with a family BBQ at Bethshan Conference Centre on the 19th of January. This will be an opportunity for awarding the Frontier Club Summer camp trophy to the winning team and for the campers to show their parents a video of the camp as well as some dramatic performances.

Campers will be free to depart the camp with their parents from 5:30pm. Campers getting picked up from Nairana should arrive around 6pm for pickup.

Who: The camp is open to all boys entering Year 7, 8 and 9 in 2015.

Depart: Thurs 15th January 2015. We will meet at Nairana at 8am.

Return: Mon 19th January 2015.  Please read the tab “Family BBQ”.  We encourage all families to  attend the Family BBQ. If your family cannot attend the BBQ, we will be arriving back at Nairana at 7pm.

Where: Bethshan Christian Conference Centre, Wyee

 How can you help?

We would be appreciative of any support you could provide, but especially in the following 3 ways:DSCN4764

  • We would appreciate your help in promoting the camp and activities of Nairana/Mirabooka (and Frontier Club) to many people. Perhaps you have family members, friends or work colleagues who may be interested in the ideals and aims of Nairana Study Centre, and who may have boys who could participate in the camp? Perhaps your son has neighbours, team-mates, or cousins who would like to attend the camp?
  • Providing a dish to share. As we will be catering during the camp, we would appreciate each family to providing 1 home made, pre-prepared, fridge/room temperature stored dish for a lunch, dinner or afternoon tea. This will ensure campers get a good feed for all those activities they will be doing!
  • If you have a ‘large’ car we will need some assistance transporting the boys to and from the camp itself. The campsite is only one hour or so from Nairana.
  • If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions for the summer camp, please let us know! We are always very happy to receive some feedback.